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Trying to make sense of things by looking at causes and understanding their effects. Using science to discern what's real and relationships to determine what's of value. Curious about everything. www.samanthaclemens.com

Cause and Effect World

At Cause and Effect World, we are trying to make sense of this wacky, weird world we live in.  As Naturalists, we use critical thinking and science to determine what is real and how things work.   We are interested in the personal and social implications of cause and effect:  what causes things to happen and what are likely to be the consequences.  We are inspired by existence and relationships.  essay-checker.net essay proofreader And, if all this sounds like it’s a bit too much, we are also having fun along the way, cuz truth is stranger than fiction and the world is just so darn entertaining.

I am Samantha Clemens.  I grew up in small town Minnesota, went to high school in suburban Omaha and live in metro Boston.  I have worked in international business for about 20 years and have traveled to over 30 countries.  I like playing frisbee, scuba diving, singing, and discussing current events with interesting people.  I like getting out of my comfort zone because that’s when I learn the most about the world and myself.  I am extremely fortunate to have a great family, wonderful in-laws, and long-lasting friends.

I love discussing current events, politics and life in general with interesting people, and get the chance to do so on my radio show.  To listen to past shows, click here.

Cause and Effect World has moved and is resides at www.samanthaclemens.com/blog.

I am interested in your point of view.  Thanks for stopping by.


Email: sam [at] samanthaclemens [dot] com

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