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Trying to make sense of things by looking at causes and understanding their effects. Using science to discern what's real and relationships to determine what's of value. Curious about everything. www.samanthaclemens.com


Naturalism is a world essay-checker.net essay proofreading service view that can be summarized as follows:

What’s real - everything is fully included in the natural world – no spooky stuff;

What do we know - science is the tool we use to determine what is real; if science can’t prove it, we doubt its existence;

Cause and effect - everything that happens is due to factors that came first; the result then becomes a cause of something else; this is the causal chain;

The self - we are fully contained in our bodies; there isn’t a wizard behind the curtain;

Responsibility and morality - since everything is the result of what came before, moral values and holding people accountable are focused on protecting society, understanding root causes (not just the last link in the chain), and proactively setting up society to decrease the likelihood of immoral behavior;

Source of values - values come from our desires and preferences; some are universal, and some vary across cultures, societies and through time.

The complexity and beauty of our world and the universe fill us with awe and wonder.  When we naturalists consider the vastness of the universe, we realize that earth and its inhabitants are utterly insignificant.  Yet, when we consider our families and friends, we realize they are utterly crucial to us and we to them.  This is the paradox of existence, and causes us to bind ever more tightly to those we love and care about.

To learn about naturalism, go to Naturalism.Org, watch this video,



or listen to my interview with Tom Clark here: 

The Center for Naturalism is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes scientific naturalism as a world view and how it informs personal relationships and public policy.

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