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Trying to make sense of things by looking at causes and understanding their effects. Using science to discern what's real and relationships to determine what's of value. Curious about everything. www.samanthaclemens.com

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The Samantha Clemens Show is a live talk radio show Saturday mornings from 10 to 11 on AM 1510 www.revolutionBoston.com.  We try to get to the bottom of things – talking about issues, meeting interesting people, and marveling at this wacky world, all mixed in with some of our favorite tunes.

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Thanks to Bill Piacitelli for making it all possible.  If you want to hear from Sam about upcoming shows or have a topic idea, email sam [at] samanthaclemens [dot] com.  Sam would love to hear from you.


Sam was a weekly guest on The Todd Feinburg Show on Boston’s WRKO 680 AM on Thursdays from 9-10 pm EST from May through December 2006.  Todd is now the morning co-host on WRKO AM 680.

Todd is a conservative with an independent streak who is interested in ideas and current events.  We had lively discussions about issues ranging from teaching about homosexuality in the schools, to what kind of God Americans believe in (if any), to whether the former President of Iran should be permitted to speak in the United States.

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